ADSS Technology

Autonomous Decision Support System

ADSS Technology for tomorrow's future

ADSS technology is based on immersive XR for creating a computerised representation of objects, spaces, events, with real-time interaction provided through multiple sensory channels and AI. The technology is a situational awareness system with a fit-for-purpose visual display, through a high-speed user interface with real-time malfunction identification which will enable just-in-time human intervention for detection and repair. We intend to be first to market with a service which enables industry users to improve safety, to operate more effectively and maximise machine performance.

ADSS is based around a multi-fault-tolerant decentralized architecture that is specifically intended to operate as a stand-alone system. It was purposely designed to operate without reliance on any central hub or core processor and without dependence on conventional data networks. The architecture allows for virtually unlimited numbers of sensors to be dynamically added or hot-swapped on to the overall system without impact to its performance. Great attention has been given to the design of the architecture to ensure the lowest possible latency between all sensors and any human or robotic operators. 

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